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What type of state is the house of mine in?

Just how quickly do I want the cleaning services?

What kind of cleaning service is required?

For recurring cleaning solutions, precisely how frequently does your house require cleaning?

What’s the square footage of the home that requires cleaning?

Just how much time do I wish to reserve for my home cleaning?

Apartment Cleaning Chicago

SPARKLY MAID HOME CLEANING SERVICES  – FAQS Will you deliver exactly the same expert house cleaners every time? We do our very best to send out the very same home cleaner to the home of yours for a recurring cleaning service. In case specific cleaning solutions are unavailable we can make certain your appointment is honoured with an alternative Sparkly Maid.

How can the products get the ability to access the house of mine in case I’m at work? Simply let us know the personal preference of yours. In case you’d love to issue us the key for future cleanings, it could be handed to the cleaners of yours or even dropped off at the business office of ours at 1627 20th Street via the mailbox of ours. We’re too pleased to use a lockbox or even find keys in the front desk of your respective building when given permission.

What my cleaning person’s security? For security purposes, no cleaner is able to raise items weighing more than twenty-five lbs or even use stools or stepladders. In case you’d want us to clean up behind devices or maybe furniture, do walk it ahead of time of the appearance of ours.

Do you clean tile grout or perhaps bathroom mould? To stay inexpensive in conditions of the company time period, we don’t clean tile grout. In case you need major help, we would suggest looking at and hiring a Grout and Tile Cleaning Service.

For health issues, we don’t clear away the bathroom mold. A mold removal specialist will be much better equipped for this particular company, plus they could offer a guarantee that the mold is surely and safely looked after.

How can you accept payment for cleaning services? When payment details are furnished, they’re instantly encrypted by our partner Stripe. A number of times prior to the program there’s a short-term hold put on the card presented. When the appointment is cancelled without any reason, the hold and then just drops off five business days later. Only upon conclusion of the company is the last cost made and at the moment we do offer a paid invoice receipt via email.

Just how many houses or even maids products can I expect? We do simply assign one cleaner per process for our flat rate pricing. For jobs highly valued at $300 or even more, we are able to make plans to send out a group of two upon request.

What occurs in case associated with a late cancellation or perhaps lockout? Because we manage and coordinate every one of our visits several days in advance, a late cancellation fee of seventy dolars is put on to commitments cancelled within forty eight hours of the agreed upon appointment date.

This charge additionally is applicable in case our cleaners are powerless to go into the house. For instance, in case the prospect isn’t house and in case no entry is normally provided or maybe arranged.

Do you conduct move in or perhaps move out cleanings? We do really. We just ask for you do have a vacuum made readily available as our cleaners take a trip utilizing public transportation within the town of Chicago. For meetings in the suburbs, we do come furnished with a vacuum.

All appointments in common include any other necessary cleaning supplies?

Are recurring cleaning services much better for me personally? Constant, recurring home cleaning services are really better for the emotional stress levels of yours and they also an immeasurable feeling of achievement. Picture entering a brand new week or even springing into the weekend with a tidy and clean already house!

With Sparkly Maid’s recurring cleaning solutions we try to offer an amazing peace of thoughts because the much more frequently your Sparkly Maid cleans, the greater common they’re with the home of yours and the tastes of yours.

What’s THE Distinction between A regular CLEAN Along with a DEEP CLEAN?
A regular pristine is an cost-effective however much less thorough when compared to a strong clean. It provides the fundamental by using or cleaning Swiffer on the floors, dusting on all the exterior surfaces within reach, simple maintenance of everyday living areas, making beds, changing linens in case requested, cleaning of the toilets and toilets. We often recommend this to houses that are actually well kept but on account of many reasons they can’t completely clean for the morning or maybe they’ve guests approaching the following morning and would love to guarantee that their house is prepared to have visitors. This’s likewise the program we provide to our recurring customers, unless they’d love to include an additional job on the service order of theirs.

A strong clean would be the more comprehensive plus intensive cleaning. It provides the heavy cleaning of the floors in the room and bathrooms. It requires more hours and also cleaning solutions which also causes it to be more costly compared to regular fresh. It is going to leave your house spotless clean. Our expert cleaners would additionally attempt to take out heavy grease on stove-tops and also kitchen floors and perform a huge scrub on bathroom tiles & toilets. We recommend this service to a household which hasn’t been washed for a very long period or perhaps in case you’re going in or even going out.


Sparkly Maid is still the best product in providing the perfect maid service in Chicago. Very well qualified, as well as committed cleaners, that is what we’re proud of. Clientele from all over Chicago is able to really feel relieved knowing that our service is present whenever they want it the best. Our maids are completely furnished with solutions and cleaning products, detail oriented and familiar with the industry of theirs. With Sparkly Maid, you do not have to compromise, achieve that fantastic program each time. We keep up to our promise of service that is excellent and also we’ll certainly help to make it right for you hundred %!

We realize that cleaning up is not a lot of pleasure. Perhaps you would love to miss holding a chore one day or perhaps 2 to ultimately invest a while with your good friends or relatives. We at Sparkly Maid doesn’t wish you to invest the whole day scouring scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting, and bathrooms floors. Residing in a fast-paced city, we realize you start to be very hectic. You may not recognize your time falls short for the items that actually mean most to you. From your job to the kid’s school activities, special event and family gatherings, we are aware that you’d not need to miss the chance to do the little things you like however keeping a fresh and clean place. Let us be your house cleaning partner!

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