List of Book Types or Genres

But when you are a key person, it is not hard to get swept up in what appears to be a never-ending array of genres that often appear to package you in. Do you like fantasy? or sci-fi (But wait, can they be similar thing?) What would be the primary differences between a mystery and a thriller? Oh, as well […]

Why You Should Read Every Day?

Mental StimulationScientific studies show that keeping emotionally stimulated can impede the improvement of (or perhaps actually prevent) Alzheimer’s and also Dementia,since keeping your mind busy and also interested stops it from losing energy. The same as every other muscle in the entire body, the brain needs physical exercise to ensure that it stays healthy and strong, therefore the expression “use […]

Reading Improve Your Brain Power

In this particular electronic era, the vast majority of our lives looking at computer screens or even using the phones of ours are spent by us. With a great deal of our time spent looking at screens, it’s not surprising that the majority of us experience lifetime as virtual zombies. The infatuation with looking at screens is harmful to the […]